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If you don't catch up early or late, you'll catch up. Early, blessings are meaningless, late, afraid not to send, rushed to girls'day. Wishing you a happy holiday and a wonderful mood! uuuuuuuuuuu


In the vast sea of people, when you receive this sincere blessing, please do your best to hit your head against the wall. See, you see countless stars in front of you, that is my blessing.


Today: All monks grow hair for you, all presidents call you, all handsome guys send flowers for you, all men become fools for you. Happy holidays!


Female compatriots of Zhuhang College: free Internet access; young 10 years old; not tired of school; handsome guys queuing; omnipotent; old food is not fat; clothes are not expensive!


Relax when tired, have friendship when bitter, beautiful and vivid when laughing, affectionate when sweet, beautiful women love and hate clearly, life is colorful, I wish beautiful women a happy Festival.


May the joy and laughter of Girls'Day linger with you forever. Please remember, a friend has been blessing you! I hope everything goes well with you! Happy Girls' Day!


Time is shining with blessings and the air is fragrant with blessings. I wish you happiness at this moment, happiness in this life and in this world. I wish you a happy and beautiful festival! uuuuuuuuuuu


Last night I saw a meteor passing through the sky. I closed my eyes and closed my hands to pray. Do you want to know what I wish for? Tell you: Happy Girls'Day!


Without the sun, flowers will not blossom; without love, happiness will not come; without women, there will be no love; without you, I do not know what the future is. Happy Girls'Day!


With you, the world will be peaceful; with you, the world will be married; with you, the day will be beautiful; with you, there will be Girls'Day, with my blessing.


Girls'Day is coming. Good wishes to you. May you be beautiful as a beautiful word, beautiful all your life.


Young sisters, you are happy, because you are very simple, so don't love easily, don't hate easily, let youth leave more chic marks.


Today, I saw a meteor passing through the sky. I closed my eyes and closed my hands to pray. Do you want to know what I wish for? Tell you: Happy Girls'Day!


Beautiful rain and dew will moisten you, the sunshine of youth will surround you, happy flowers will embellish you, and lucky days will make you intoxicated. Girls'Day is coming. May you be happy and lovable! uuuuuuuuuuu


Girls'Day this year does not give gifts, send you a card. Health and happiness accompany you, happiness clings to you, and I want to tell you, God of Wealth has been on you!


Today's Girls'Day, let's do some beauty: raise your head to the sunshine, open your hands to breathe the fragrance of flowers, close your eyes slowly, and raise your mouth slightly. Do it once a day. May you be in a sweet mood.


Sunshine is my smile, the sea is my heart, and you are clouds that brush past me and harmonize my life.


If beauty is a sin, you are guilty! If temperament is a mistake, you have made mistakes again and again! Happy Festival to the First Beautiful and Temperamental Beautiful Girls in the World!


I want to send you a bouquet of flowers, but I'm afraid you misunderstand my meaning; I want to write a poem for you, but find that others have written a lot, I can only use a card to say to you: Happy Festival for Girls!


Girls'Day is coming, say hello to you; be healthy and in a good mood; be lucky and have a wonderful taste every day; make gold at home and have long money on the wall.


There are silks of green and astringent in maturity, of nobility in beauty, of narcissism in elegance, of innocence in romance, and of cunning in smile. This is you, lovely girl! Happy Girls' Day.


College life is so wonderful that girls like flowers and smiles. Elegant and free from vulgarity, celestial fairies, knowledgeable people praise. He is determined and diligent to learn, and he has built a brilliant career day by day. Happy Girls'Day to you!


The world is particularly beautiful because of women's birth; today, women's hearts around the world are closer because of their dreams! Happy Girls'Day to you!


Talented women can attract men, beautiful women can confuse men, and now I am attracted by you and confused by you! What do you say?


Today: All monks grow hair for you, all presidents call you, all handsome guys send you flowers, all men become fools for you. Happy holidays!


Rose is my passion, candy is my taste, stars are my eyes, moonlight is my soul, together with you, Happy Girls'Day!


Girls are like flowers; flowers are like girls. Maybe you are the flower fairy like a dream. May you be more beautiful and mature on this special day!


Grape, banana, red apple, wish you miss fruitful! Radish, cucumber and Chinese cabbage, I wish you love everyday! Coke tea, boiled water, I hope you have a good night's sleep! Happy Girls' Day!


One day I polished Aladdin's lamp and the genie said, "I'll give you a wish. I said: Please wish the girls who are watching a happy holiday!


Annual Girls'Day, lovely you have a good rest. Work is not tired, money is full; Worry away, happy around. Beautiful and vigorous, really happy!


Sunshine sends me good expectations, spring breeze sends me deep wishes, clouds embellish your life, white pigeons will bring blessings to you. Happy Girls'Day!


This season, I have my deepest thoughts. Let the wind carry your heartfelt wishes, fill your sweet dreams, wish you a more brilliant and more brilliant year.


If I turn every praise I give you into a flower, I will always be surrounded by a garden full of flowers. Happy holidays to you!


I will turn all festivities into butter, all blessings into chocolate, and make cakes happily forever. Hit you! Then say Happy Girl's Day!


Today is the Girls'Day of March 7. What I want to do is the following: First, you are always right. Second, if the beauty is wrong, I will refer to the first one.


The world is very beautiful because of the birth of women. A little greeting, but a strong real meaning! Happy Girls' Day!


May all expectations and blessings flow to you, so that your festival will be filled with joy, and hope that you will be more brilliant and beautiful year by year. Happy Girls' Day!


Another busy year, girls wish for the festival. I sincerely wish all sisters that love is sweeter than honey. Work hard and earn more money!


At this time of year, blessings will pour to you like the ocean. I hope my blessings will be like a light boat, carrying you through the wind and waves to the other side of success! Happy Girls' Day!


Think of you and miss you, just like a mouse loves rice. In order to remember you forever, it saves rice every day, and finally saves a bag of rice. May you be more and more beautiful while the festival is giving you!


Happy Girls' Day! Make a good wish and wish you happiness! Make a wonderful wish to wish you a successful career! Make a beautiful wish to wish you sweet love!


Give you a plate of duck to eat will miss home; there is a dish of vegetable everyday loved; with a bowl of soup life will never be healthy; another glass of wine love will last forever; I wish you a happy Festival girls!


Internet free, young 10 years old, not tired at work, handsome men queuing, omnipotent, seafood is not fat, clothes are not expensive. Happy Girls' Day!


Starry, quiet night, on your way home, send my sincere wishes. Stars like me, accompany you, say a friend, wish you a happy Girls'Day!


No matter where I am, I want to be only one turn away from you. On this special day, let my heart dance with you. Happy Girls'Day to you!


Girl's Day, blessings, good luck every day, high pace of life, lottery period, win the second card games, good taste, if you dare to forget me, be careful to stick.


Girls'Day is coming. May you have charming spring, cool summer dew, cool autumn wind and clean winter snow. Every day is safe and happy, the month is fruitful, Happy Festival for Girls!


Gather the Himalayan sunshine, wind from the ends of the world, harass the blessing of Gangdise Mountain, and suck Bill Gates'wealth as a gift to you. Happy Girls' Day!


Talented women can attract men, beautiful women can confuse men, and now I am attracted by you and confused by you! What do you say? Haha, happy holiday!


Girls'Day is coming. May you have a bright career, sunny mood, sky-shaking wages, unlimited future scenery, romance and love, and a happy game world.


You are charming, you are beautiful, you are lovely, you are gentle, I wish you always charming, beautiful and lovely! Happy Girls' Day!


Today is your festival. When you open the door for the first moment, all the members of the Student Union give you today's first blessing. Happy Girls' Day!


I wish all the female students: three surroundings demonization; happy everyday life; love persistence; sentiment petty capitalization; shopping crazy! uuuuuuuuuu


On the first day of Girls'Day, I silently wish you happiness. May your life be pleasant in summer, warm in winter, harvest in autumn and full in spring.


I know that joy can be tied to the New Year's ribbon, but now I am thinking of you in my heart. Happy Girls'Day!


May all your hopes and dreams come true, all your expectations come true and all your efforts come true on Girls'Day!


My dearest friend: Girls'Day is coming. May God bless you in this New Year! Guanyin Bodhisattva protects you! God of wealth holds you! God of love shoots you! God kiss you!


Women should cultivate their body and mind like moonlight, tender and compassionate, broad-minded, and light up their wisdom, so that the people they live with can be bathed in the cool moonlight.


What is happiness, is a group of people together crazy, mature with green and astringent. Smile with a little bit of savagery, Girls'Day wishes all girls happy, until the flowers blossom happy.


In this time of spring, youth is like a blooming flower accompanied by the time of love. All girls here, be happy!


My dearest friend: May God bless you on this Girls'Day! Guanyin Bodhisattva protects you! God of wealth holds you! God of love shoots you! God kiss you!


The beauty of stars and moons is less beautiful than your eyes; the beauty of grass and flowers is less beautiful than your soul; the beauty of eyes and soul is less beautiful than your festival. Happy Girls'Day to you!